Bodies come in all sizes

Great article about body image. It reinforces the point that everybody has the right to happiness and beauty comes in many different sizes.



“Real women come in all shapes and sizes,” model and author Renn told Amanda de Cadenet on The Conversation. “I think the most important thing for me is to love myself no matter what size I am.”

But this self-love is not just about individuals feeling good about themselves, Renn has noted. It’s crucial to the much bigger project of women’s progress overall.

“There are so many people out there who could change the world, but they’re consumed with self-hatred,” Renn told the Independent. “Women have come so far,” she added, “but not as far as we could yet go, because our vanity worries take up most of our time mentally and it’s holding us back. If we throw away the idea of obsessing about calories, imagine how much your mind is freed up. I certainly found that to be the case.”

Idea For Next Painting

Working on an idea for my next painting.  The painting will be part of my series that is about moments of being invisible yet hyper-visible under the critical gaze of others within a fat phobic American culture. My next project depicts me riding a bike.  I have been watching Le Tour de France and Tour of California AMGEN bicycle race and these sports events have inspired my new painting.  I like to ride bikes. I remember a time when I was a child and I ask for a bike for christmas.  I got a bike that year.  I was so excited and proud to have it. I rode my new bike to school.  I was laughed at by my classmates. They said I was too fat and that I was going to pop the tires.  I was so embarrassed! I gave up riding my bike.  As an adult, I still like to ride a bike.  I mostly ride a stationary bike because I feel self-conscious to ride a bike in public places.

The subject matter is me riding in a bike race within a park like setting.    The composition will be designed to look like, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, painted 1884 by Georges Seurat.  The late 19th century painting expresses the fun and leisure of Parisian life.  The content of the painting will be my  21st century version of living an imagined life of fun and leisure,  where size doesn’t matter.  Source material is from an InterNet search on bike races, from art history, and from personal family photo archives.



The peloton speeds past sunflowers on stage eighteen of the 2012 Tour de France

1. bike fat

bike time trial




5th & final residency

Graduated with my MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley University College of Art & Design (formerly the Art Institute of Boston). The last residency was bitter sweet!  So good to have been part of amazing group people and even though I am relieved to be done with looming residency deadlines, I will miss everyone.  Our group MFA show was very successful.  My daughters, sister, and brother-n-law were able to attend the reception, a very proud moment indeed!

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